About Loop wear

Loop Wear strives to provide our customers with the best quality products while pushing the boundaries of design.  We design all our products in Chicago and are crafted on the highest quality materials. We strive to put our beautiful city on the map through our unique fashion and design. The Loop wear team is a resilient group of creatives that produce the finest products for the finest city. 

This is not your ordinary clothing brand, this is a symbol of bringing every different community that builds up this magnificent city of big shoulders together. Each L line and stop represents so many different communities that form this large beautiful city we call Chicago.

Loop Wear is always conscious of where we source our materials, how they are acquired, and the carbon footprint we leave when our product is shipped to your door. As Loop Wear grows and becomes the company that we think it can be, we pledge to continue our efforts to slow global climate change.

The Loop Wear Team

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